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Our aim is to employ skilled professionals, or freshers with high potential, with high aptitude, good communication skills, good interpersonal skills and good personality.

Some traits that we consider essential before offering employment:

  • A positive attitude towards being managed.
  • A committed and disciplined attitude towards the work place.
  • Excellent communication skills - for some positions, strong written communication is also a prerequisite. For higher positions, technical expertise and management skills are important.

    As an applicant to join the Samdisha family, here is what awaits you:

    • The first step in our selection process is an aptitude test.
    • For software professionals, this is followed by a technical screening process, which may involve a series of technical tests and interviews.
    • Finally, there is an HR interview to judge the remaining criteria.
    • It is also our policy, in the case of applicants who are suitable on aptitude and technicality but lacking in any of the other areas mentioned above, to suggest means by which they can take measures to develop themselves and then reapply.
    • From the very first encounter, we would like to closely understand your motivation and goals, so that we can match your personal goals and objectives to the company's objectives right from the start, thereby creating a firm ground for a long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationship.

Fresher: Recruitment Procedure

As a company, we have found our faith in human potential to be completely justified, and we have seen, time and again, that freshers develop well and begin contributing very soon in the Samdisha environment. With the opportunity to work in a growing organization, and by mixing with experienced professionals, and not just learning from them but also imbibing the company culture of openness, friendliness and helpfulness, young people thrive, grow, and mature along with the company.