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First Level Support

Samdisha Support provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week support services as follows:

  • Provides Maintenance Releases of the Application Software whenever necessary.
  • Provides phone-in assistance during Normal Office Hours.
  • Diagnoses and rectifies the Application Software to good working order upon request.
  • Provides technical assistance to complement to customer development team.
  • Provides on-going technical advancement via our Research & Development.
  • Acts as advisor and consultant to customer in the events of customer losing his key personnel and threatens to unable to carry on the normal operation of the Application Software.
  • Provides modification and/or enhancement to the Application Software to meet and comply with any new regulatory and/or statutory requirements including but not limited to such directives that may be issued by the Central Bank from time to time.

Second Level Support

Samdisha support provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week support services as follows:

  • Telephone assistance with mission-critical escalation.
  • Remote system monitoring & problem escalation, on-site support when required.
  • Software upgrades included at no additional cost.
  • Software release planning & change management assistance.
  • Half yearly preventive maintenance with on-site application review and performance tuning.