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. Phone-in Systems assistance: Phone-in assistance is available for System Software and Application Software inquiries. Response is immediate for critical calls and within 1 hour for all call. Assistance is available on Normal Office Hours.

. Preventive Systems maintenance: We shall perform the following to maintain the Systems in good working order on quarterly basic at mutually agreed date.

Install mandatory software patches.
Perform fine-tuning of databases and operating systems.
Perform fine-tuning of application software.
Inform and provide the relevant updates and enhancements to the Customer of any know faults in the system discovered in an installation of a similar system with other Customers.
Make the necessary changes to support the new versions of operating system and database.

. Corrective Systems maintenance: Upon request, we shall take action to diagnose and rectify the Systems to good working order. Such action may include providing temporary procedures to be followed by the Customer pending restoration of the Systems to good working order.