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The successful installation, implementation and continued use of any system depend upon the support provided by the vendor especially an integrated application solution system. We believe that customer support includes, but is not limited to, the initial conversion period. We believe that each relationship with a customer is a smart partnership and should extend beyond the normal maintenance agreement that describes a customer/Vendor relationship.

Comprehensive support services must include a long-term commitment to the continued successful use of our system. The successes received by our customers in leveraging of not only the on-going research & development of the system but also the support provided by us, is reflected in the continuity of our support services to our Customers every year.

In the event that a customer contracts for our Support Services, the 7 x 24 hours on-site Service Team will be first level functional and technical support for troubleshooting and corrective maintenance. All Application Software related issues, minor operating system, networking, database problems will be handled by our First Level Service Team. Depending on the severity of a problem, we will determine if on-site support is necessary. All problems that are unable to be attended to by our Service Team will be escalated to the respective vendors service desk facility. Depending on the nature of the problem, a local engineer will be dispatched by the vendors.