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Domain Name Registration

A domain name is the core of your company's presence on the Internet. Samdisha offers the most cost effective and comprehensive Domain Registration and Management solutions meet your every possible need. Domain Registration is as low as $10 P.A.

Shared hosting with all database support

Shared hosting provides companies with an affordable and a powerful solution to their hosting needs. Given the current market conditions it is prudent for most companies to outsource their hosting requirements rather than bear the enormous costs & challenges of building internet infrastructure themselves.

Shared hosting provides the following advantages:

• Enables companies to focus on their core activities.

• Enables companies to avail of world class, secure, scalable & reliable
e-business infrastructure without having to compromise on quality.

• Enables companies to avail of additional hosting components on as &
when required basis.

Samdisha has a wide offering of hosting services both on Windows & Linux platforms. These hosting services can be customized as per your requirements or you can avail one of the standard packages offered by us.

Web Designing

Your web site, while welcoming your e-customers & e-consumers, is an introduction to your company, including details of its products and/or services & the company's corporate mission, goals & vision for the future.

Expressing your goals and excellence, we at can create for you a comprehensive web presence. follows a strong development methodology, which looks beyond the beautification of your site into the actual requirements of the company, ease of modification & administration. Based on your requirements, the web sites may include technologies like DHTML, ASP, Java, PHP, and secured E-Commerce features. To meet various requirements of the Website development process, we also have tie-ups with Industry Professionals for outsourcing our work, if needed.

In addition to designing your site, can also provide comprehensive web site maintenance services.

There are at least four areas of website maintenance and web site management:


The content needs to be alive, current and accurate. With fresh information people will have a reason to return to the site time and time again. Also old articles, comments & other information should be archived.


Technology changes so fast that some say a "web year" is one month! A site begins to look and act old without updating. Furthermore components of the site can malfunction, requiring maintenance. It is always good to use the new technologies like Flash & ASP to make the site attractive. Samdisha.Com can help you in making the transition to these new technologies.

Community development & marketing

The number of visitors & their activity on the site should increase. This building of the community requires web site promotion & regular creative improvement. Informing people about what's new on the website is utmost important. Attracting more & more visitors from different parts of the country and world. This can be achieved by the different means. Placing the Ad banners on different website /newsletters - It helps in bringing people who visit the website of other company's or portals to your website.

a) Cross site promotions: In which you give links to other website's on your website and they will do the same.

b) Response and customer service: Site visitors, customers and members often need a response. They may have questions, comments, complaints and suggestions. We can handle your customer support, forum moderating and any kind of database management. We, at can give you the graphical & analytical reports of the responses to your website.

Complete Mailing Solution for Corporate Sector

Email usage has never been so hazardous! Viruses like "Nimda", "Sircam", "I Love you", "Melissa" & "Anna Kournikova" are just few email viruses that have caused losses of crores of rupees in recent times. Several "do-it-yourself" virus creation kits are sprouting on the web, and we can expect several such viruses in the future. In fact, email is probably the largest source of viruses today.

Protection must begin outside your network:

Once a virus enters your Network, it spreads very fast. Before you know it, all computers in the entire organization are infected, causing irreparable damage. And that's the reason why protection should start outside your Network. With, virus-protection starts right outside your Network. By ensuring that viruses are detected and cleaned even before they enter the Network, we provide your company with an unprecedented level of security! Safe Email Service.

The Safe Email Services from enables your business to have virus scanning facility for your incoming and outgoing Internet mails. Thus, all your incoming mails are first scanned for viruses & if the mail is found to be free from viruses then it is dropped in the user's mailbox. Similarly, your outgoing mails when relayed through our SMTP server are scanned for viruses before they are delivered to the destination domain. If any incoming or outgoing mails are found virus infected then they are quarantined by the Safe Email Service and a notification to the sender and recipient is sent.

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Dedicated Server
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Portal Development
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