About Us

"Samdisha" Meaning

"Samdisha" is a Hindi word which means Looking in Equality, Similarly as the name states Samdisha Business Consultants Inc. believes in Looking in Equality when it comes to Clients, Projects & Deliveries. For Samdisha whether a Project is Big or Small, Client is Big or Small has the same importance when it comes to Delivery of Quality Work. We at Samdisha believe in Quality which can only be achieved once you are focused towards it. Samdisha is an ISO & Six Sigma Practicing Company and moving ahead to get the ISO & Six Sigma Certification shortly.

Company Promoted

Samdisha Business Consultants Inc. is promoted by CEO and Managing Director of Samdisha Software Research and Development Center Pvt. Ltd. which is promoted by the Group Company Sabharwal & Associates, founded in year 1988 by its founding members. Since then the group Company is into providing Tax Consultancies, Tax Solutions i.e. Sales Tax, Excise, Income Tax, Customs & Foreign Policies. Helping the Clients in the initial setup of the Company i.e. Registering the Company under the Companies Act, Getting all necessary Licenses and Registration Numbers to successfully operate the Company and Guiding and Helping in setting up the complete infrastructure for the Company as required by the Clients and Last but not the Least providing COST REDUCTION Services to the Clients by doing COST REDUCTION ANALYSIS on NO REDUCTION NO FEE Basis.

IT Boom as a Opportunity

Over the years as the Information Technology coming up in the boom in 1990s Company also planned expansion by entering into Information Technology and started working on providing IT Solutions as well to its existing and new clients to enable them to compete the competition in the Market by having an edge over Latest Technologies. Since then apart from providing the Legal, Administrative, Management & Human Resource Services Company took initiative and entered into providing Solutions on Information Techonlogy. Company's target customers were the Small and Medium Business Enterprises who are looking for Low Budget Solutions to Automate their complete Business Processes and in this long 14 years Company is successful also in creating a Good Reputation in the Market and its Clients for delivering Good Quality & Low Budget Solutions and Consultancies.

Evolution of Samdisha

Due to high rate of increase in the volume of IT Work Base and as the Group Company itself is having enough of Non-IT work base, The Group Company planned to form a completely separate Information Technology Unit which will be responsible for doing research work for its Clients and will Strive to ensure the Client to get Quality Work at a Very Low Budget as compared to Market to meet their IT Needs and Budgets and the Company Samdisha Software Research & Development Center Pvt. Ltd. was evolved. Now looking forward as a global expansion plan Samdisha Business Consultants Inc. is formed in Canada which will take over Samdisha Software Research & Development Center Pvt. Ltd and will operate as a Parent Group Company in next 5 Years.

One-Stop Shop

The company is designed to be your "one-stop shop" for all your core information technology needs. Whether you're setting up a new business, building a new IT infrastructure, upgrading or just adding on to your exisiting systems, Samdisha has all the Sofware & Business Solutions you need, plus a full range of Educational Programs to get you up to speed, and keep you there.

“ To become a Leading world-class Service Provider “

A “one stop shop” for all solutions partnership for its Clients

World’s premier technology provider in :
Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing
Education & many more

Samdisha’s Solution focus :

Software & Business Services
Manufacturing, Distribution & Accounting
Finance, Banking & Securities
Domain Registration, Web Hosting & Web Designing