Welcome to Samdisha

The company is designed to be your "one-stop shop" for all your core information technology & business needs. Whether you're building a new Business, IT infrastructure, upgrading or just adding on to your existing systems, Samdisha has all the Software & Business Solutions you need, plus a full range of Educational Programs to get you up to speed, and keep you there.

Samdisha's Software & Business Solutions offerings are complemented by a complete range of services designed to get you off to the right start and make sure your Business & IT investment quickly and easily begins giving you returns. Services such as business setup, acquisitions, installation and setup of Software and hardware (if required), network cabling, and configuration are complemented by a complete range of educational services for advanced systems such as the IBM iSeries.

“ To become a Leading world-class Service Provider “

A “one stop shop” for all solutions partnership for its Clients

World’s premier technology provider in :
Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing
Education & many more

Samdisha’s Solution focus :

Software & Business Services
Manufacturing, Distribution & Accounting
Finance, Banking & Securities
Domain Registration, Web Hosting & Web Designing